♥ Terms&Conditions ♥

  • [GUARANTEE] -Items are in pristine condition & you will receive your purchased items once i received your full payment. Pls do not join Kudos if you doubt our credibility =)
  • [BIDDING] -Allowed! You can bid while the items are pending. Mainly 1st comes 1st served basis, but if there's no confirmation within a time limit from the first party, item will go to highest bidder or person who can pay 1st.
  • [RESERVATION] -Placing a deposit of at least 50% of the Item's cost. And kindly made full payment within 1week. Or else transaction will be voided. Deposit are non-refundable!
  • [PRE-ORDERS] -If item is out of stock, money will be fully refunded.
  • [MEETUPS] -are not likely recommended. Unless in North Area. Meetups venue to my convenience is a MUST! Otherwise, transportation fees will be on your account.
  • [SWAPS / TRADES] -only applicable to swappable items. Swap amount will be at before less. The price stated in my blogshop are normally after discount. Swapping Policy: we will only sent out the item upon receiving your item first.
  • [ITEMS SOLD / SWAPS] -are NON exchangeable or refundable.
  • [BLACKLISTED] -Customers who MIA or last minute back out when deal is done. (PLS DON'T!) Those who are BlackListed will not be allowed to make any purchases from Kudos anymore.
  • Kudos reserves the rights to amend terms and condition without prior notice.

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